Featured Friday: Jefferson Chocolate Sofa/Loveseat

The weekend is upon us, so it’s time for this week’s Featured Friday – the Jefferson Chocolate Sofa and Loveseat set!

Jefferson Chocolate Sofa/Loveseat set
This gorgeous brown set is covered with a leather-like fabric on the outside that is both durable and easy to clean. Notice any dust or dirt on it? Just wipe it off with a clean, damp cloth! The inside of the set is covered in a textured microfiber that you will love. Microfiber is known for being the perfect combination of comfort and durability, and the added texture on this set brings a new character to both pieces. Having a strong foundation is the start to a great piece of furniture, and this set features hardwood corner blocked frames that will stay sturdy throughout the years.

Scatterback pillows line the back of the set, so you can easily change them around to create a personalized look. With easy to access zippers on both the plain and accent pillows, you can fluff them and restuff at any time. The seven fashion pillows included in the scatterback set have a stunning, modern pattern with flecks of silver that catch the eye beautifully.

Each of the cushions are created with high-density foam wrapped in Dacron fiber, for long-lasting comfort that won’t sag or lose its shape. A slightly curved track arm adds a sleek, sophisticated look with a little bit of edge.

If you love the look of this set, you’ll also want to check out the Vine video below that showcases this same look in a sectional! Stop into your local American Freight today to purchase this set, or put it on layaway and make payments if it is more convenient. Don’t forget, our delivery teams can bring the set right to your home! Make sure to tell them Mia and Kelly sent you in.

See this set in a sectional on Vine: https://t.co/NeT7ohecwm

Back To School Tips: Moving into a Dorm

Back to school time is already here – where did the summer go? College kids are packing up and getting ready to head off to the dorms, and if it is their first year it can be a very overwhelming process. What do you bring with? What do you keep at home? Does your roommate have things you are missing? How will everything fit in such a small space? There will always be some surprises, but with these simple tips in mind you can be as prepared as possible for move-in day.

Call the housing department ahead of time.
If there are any questions that your paperwork does not answer, be sure to call the school’s housing department to have any confusion worked out before you arrive on move-in day. They can provide you with all kinds of useful information, such as what is included in your room, whether or not there is a kitchen, if you will be sharing the bathroom with others, dimensions of the room and furniture that is already provided, and more. Knowing these things can make sure you have everything you think you’ll need on hand and prevent you from packing up things you won’t need.

call your college housing

Reach out to your roommate to see what they plan to bring.
If you have a small, old television but your roommate has a nice new flat screen, why bring both? Give your roommate a call, text, or Facebook message to see what he or she is planning on bringing. With such limited space in your dorm room to begin with, having multiples of things can make it every more crowded. Have a plan for what needs to be bought and split the responsibilities. If possible, try to plan to arrive at the dorms around the same time. This way you can decide together how to layout your room, which prevents you from having to rearrange things later on.


Make a list of the items you need.
Moving from your home into a dorm can be a difficult process simply because there is not room to bring everything with. Create a list of the items you absolutely must have – consider things like how the weather will be where your school is until you go home again. If you’ll be traveling back to your hometown for Thanksgiving break and know you won’t need all of your winter clothes until then, pick a few things to have just in case and then swap out your summer clothes for fall and winter options when you’re home on break. Also, think about what things you could purchase when you get to school instead of bringing along.

checklist for moving into dorms

Confirm how the process will work when you arrive.
Every school has a different process for move-in day – some schools have people scheduled at specific times, other schools allow you to come when you choose. Find out everything you can about parking, unloading, whether or not bins are provided for getting items upstairs, and how many elevators there are. Be prepared to take lighter items up the stairs so you’re not stuck waiting for the next elevator, and have a plan for getting your things from where you park to the dorm itself if unloading in front of the building is not an option.

move into dorms

Stay organized while you pack.
Try to pack things together that you plan to unpack together – for example, supplies you will need for classes and studying will likely all be stored near your desk in the same spot, so pack those things together. Clearly label the boxes so you know what is where and can unpack the most important things first. Staying organized when you pack things up makes it much easier to stay organized when you arrive – it also helps you make sure you have everything you need.

packing organized dorm room

Grab what you’re missing.
Chances are, there will be things you will forget or items you will discover that you need once you arrive. A great tip is to find a store a little farther from the university to pick up those things – it is likely that their prices could be better and it won’t be as crowded as one right by the college.

Once everything is set up, you might discover that you and your roommate would like a comfortable futon or recliner for added seating – American Freight can help! If you know you need it before you head to school, buy it at the store near your home and have it delivered from a store near your school! Our subcontracted delivery teams will bring the items to your dorm room so you don’t have to worry about picking it up yourself if you don’t have your own car or someone to help you get it up to your the ninth floor dorm room. Check out the American Freight website for more information and great deals on furniture and mattresses in your area!

Featured Friday: Velocity Sectionals

This week, we’re featuring our Velocity sectional group! This clean, contemporary 2-piece sectional is available in two colors: Shiitake and Latte. Both of these neutral, decorator-friendly colors make it easy for you to add any kind of fashion pillows to create your own personal style. Change up the look of this piece with different accent pillows for different seasons.

Velocity sectionals

Velocity is a beautiful, stain-resistant microfiber that is comfortable, durable, and easy to keep clean. Spills wipe up easily with a clean, damp cloth. Semi-attached box tufted back and seat cushions add detail to the set and add to it’s appeal, while plush padded arms provide comfort – especially if you want to stretch out and rest your head on the armrest! Subtle baseball stitching adds value and provides the set with a longer life, while also bringing character to the sectional.

We know that buying furniture is an investment that you want to last. These sectionals are built on reinforced hardwood frames and feature no-sag springs – both of these features provide a durable foundation and result in a long-lasting set that can withstand daily wear and tear with ease. All of the cushions are made of high-density foam wrapped in Dacron fiber; this keeps the cushions from losing their shape and also provides a comfortable seating experience. In addition to these great benefits, the frame and cushions come with a limited lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.

The Velocity Shiitake and the new Velocity Latte 2-piece sectionals are available in stores now – come in to your local American Freight to purchase yours today, or use our free layaway program! Don’t forget that we also offer same-day delivery on in-stock items. Let them know that Mia and Kelly sent you in!

Check out these sets from all angles on our Vine video: vine.co/v/hhmqJXFOUQl

Featured Friday: Editor Wheat Reclining Sectional

The weekend is almost here, so that means it’s time for our weekly Featured Friday! We want to showcase a gorgeous new reclining sectional we just added to our lineup – the Editor Wheat.

This luxurious, spacious reclining sectional will make a bold statement in your living room and offers plenty of seating for the whole family. Everyone can put their feet up with dual reclining seats and a generously sized chaise. You will love the added convenience that comes with the pull-open storage and cupholders in the chaise armrest so you can enjoy a cup of coffee while you watch the morning news.

The Editor Wheat reclining sectional is covered in a beautiful leather-like material that provides all the benefits of leather without the high cost. Enjoy the soft, comfortable feel of the upholstery and have peace of mind knowing it is extremely durable and can easily stand up to the everyday wear and tear that furniture is prone to face. In addition to being affordable, this material is also very easy to maintain – just wipe off dust and dirt with a clean cloth.

Quality construction key, and this sectional sits on a frame constructed with reinforced hardwood for long-term stability. Sinuous wire springs in the seats prevent sagging and give you the support you need. All of the cushions are made from high-resiliency foam that helps them keep their shape overtime while providing you with comfortable seating.

The Editor Wheat reclining sectional is currently available to see in select stores, but can be ordered at any of our locations. You can check out the link to the Vine video below to see it from all angles – then, stop into your local store to purchase it or take advantage of our free layaway program! Make sure to let them know Mia and Kelly sent you in!

Check out our Vine video here: https://vine.co/v/hAhQ75LXFux

How to Decorate Your Rental Home

The majority of people will rent a home or apartment at some point during their lives. Typically you put down a security deposit that you want to get back when you move, but whether or not you will receive it depends on all kinds of stipulations – stipulations that, oftentimes, can put a hamper on your interior design buzz. Painting, wallpapering, hanging wall decorations, replacing flooring, and swapping out certain fixtures are all things that may not be allowed in a rental, but that does not mean you can’t decorate it with your own personal style.

Play up the best assets of your space.
Does your rental have a great breakfast nook? Or maybe your living room area has nice large windows that let in beautiful light. Whatever positives your home or apartment does have, accentuate them! Add long drapes that reach from the floor almost up to the ceiling to create space and highlight your windows, or dress up that breakfast nook with patterned tablecloths and fresh flowers.

Long drapes
Try going temporary.
These days there are all kinds of great temporary ways you can add some flair to your rental home. Instead of putting up wallpaper or painting and having to worry about painting the walls back, why not try temporary peel and stick wallpaper? This is becoming a popular product thanks to how easily it can be put up and taken down without damaging the walls. You can also try adding temporary decals if you don’t want to go all out with the wallpaper. Choose from pictures or phrases that fit your space perfectly – when you’re done, just peel ’em off the wall!

Temporary wallpaper
Accessorize wisely.
Most rentals out there will deduct from your security deposit if they have to fill and paint over holes. You can avoid having this issue, but still bring personality to your room by working with accessories. Add color with blankets and rugs, and provide visual interest with patterned accent pillows – not only is it affordable, but it also does not damage anything in your rental. Pick the right accessories like photo frames, figurines, and more to set out on shelving and make your rooms look unique.

accent pillows
Work with what you have and consider the future.
When you unpack your boxes, go through things you already have and consider how you can update them. Maybe you can repaint a bookshelf or coffee table, or reupholster an old chair or ottoman. By using things you already have, not only is it more affordable but it is also easy to transfer those things if you move again. Statement pieces that you can take from one apartment to the next make it easy to decorate without adjusting anything permanent in the rental.

reupholstered ottoman
Just because you don’t own your home doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own! Consider these tips to bring a fun, unique look to your rental home or apartment without causing any damage.

Featured Friday: Elizabeth Royal Sofa and Loveseat

As Rebecca Black would say, it’s Friday, Friday – and we’re so excited to give you a special preview on our newest item for this week’s Featured Friday! The Elizabeth Royal sofa and loveseat set will be filtering into select stores soon, and we know you’ll love it.

Elizabeth Royal Sofa/Loveseat Set
This gorgeous set is covered in a plush, high-end Topaz-like chenille. This fabric is known for being soft to the touch and retracting light beautifully from all different angles. Scatterback pillows allow for you to change up the look of your set however you please. You’ll be able to take advantage of four gorgeous accent pillows featuring Pantone’s color of the year: Emerald! This gorgeous shade of green is mixed with a complementary blue hue to provide luxury and beauty to your home while promoting a sense of well being, balance, and harmony.

Slightly rolled arms add elegance to the set while dark wood legs help the blue upholstery pop. Blue is known for being warm, inviting, and soothing – plus it is statistically shown to be the favorite color of more people than any other. This shade is a huge trend in 2013, and we’re thrilled to be able to showcase it in such a gorgeous way.

You can feel confident in purchasing this set knowing that it will last for years. All of the seats are constructed with foam wrapped in Dacron, which helps the cushions keep their shape while also provided added comfort. The hardwood-mixed corner block frame provides a strong foundation and support for this set that will withstand the daily wear and tear that furniture experiences in any home.

As we mentioned, the Elizabeth Royal sofa and loveseat will be rolling out to stores soon – however, you can come in now and place an order or put it on layaway! You do not want to miss out on this stunning set – stop in to your local American Freight and let them know that Mia and Kelly sent you in!

Fabric Feature: Microfiber

When people purchase furniture, they want it to last. It is important to have a sturdy frame, but you also want to make sure that the fabric that covers the furniture will stand up to daily wear and tear, as was as pets and children if necessary. You want your furniture to look great over the years, and because of this microfiber is one of the most popular upholstery choices on the furniture market today. It has several great advantages that furniture buyers love – and it looks great!

Microfiber is an extremely durable fabric because it is much denser than many other fabrics used on furniture. Because it is so dense, it is resilient and strong, making it less likely to experience pilling, sagging, stretching, shrinking, or stiffening. The tight-weave of the fibers in the fabrics also makes it stand up much better to rips, tears, and punctures, which is why this type of fabric is often recommended for pet owners.

Dog rips couch
Stain Resistance
Getting a stain on your furniture can result in a huge eyesore for the remainder of the time you have it in your home, but many people like to enjoy food and drink while relaxing on their couch. Microfiber is great because it is stain resistant and repels water. Any spills you experience can be easily removed with basic spot cleaning. If you need to clean a specific area, just use a clean cloth, water, and mild soap – no need to spend money on a steam cleaner or upholstery shampooer. The ability to keep your furniture clean with such ease will result in a piece that looks great for years to come.

Velocity Umber Sectional
No Dust
Furniture covered in a microfiber upholstery does not generate dust or lint – it also does not collect dust or lint from the air. The fibers are woven so tightly that most allergens can be easily removed by vacuuming the piece or using a lint roller. This is a huge benefit for people who suffer from allergies.

Jefferson Chocolate Sofa/Loveseat
Microfiber fabrics are much more lightweight than many of the other fabrics used on upholstered furniture. Not only does this add to the ease with which it can be cleaned, but it is also friendlier to the skin. It does not get overly hot or cold during the summer or winter months, so you can feel more comfortable stretching out on it.

Velocity Latte sofa loveseat
Furniture can be a huge expense – if you’ve just purchased a home or started renting a new apartment, money can be tight and tied up in other things, so you want your investment to be reasonable but last a long time. Microfiber is a much cheaper option than leather, and the benefits that come with owning this type of couch often make it a better value for many people.

Low priceThese days, microfiber is one of the most popular upholstery options on the furniture market. With all of these great benefits, it is easy to see why this is such a popular choice! Stop into your local American Freight store today to see the wide variety of microfiber options we have available in sofas, loveseats, sectionals, and recliners.